Sadness – Poetry by Dr Ali



Majid Ali, M.D.


In this section, I offer two poems from my book entitled “Drone Democracy” available at The list of poems appears at the end of this firs poem.




What is betrayal?


Letters to spell life.


What is suffering?


More letters to spell life.


And deep disappointments?


Two words to spell life.




Hey M.,


What do you expect?


Aren’t you human?


Hey, M.,


Please don’t forget


You’re Divine.




It is human


Is to be vulnerable


And hurt.


To be Divine


Is to be pliable


And heal.



It is human


To misspell reality


And suffer “mis-reality.”


It is Divine


To know one’ divinity


And to live truth


And breathe liberty




What is revenge?


Life misspelled.




Confused thoughts un-quelled.


Hate? Rage?


Habituated to misspellings.


What is forgiveness?


An empty word for nothingness


Of it all.




Forgiveness is universal,


Screamed a TV preacher.


The believers believed.


The great spirit


Had tweeted the creature.




For mere mortals,


Confusion fuses


Forgiveness with sadness,


Clarity separates the two,


Gives form to sadness,






A steady companion of life.


To be










So, the journey of sadness


Meanders through understanding


And resilience,


Delineating the core


Of the soul.




Sadness sires understanding,


Understanding liberates,


Liberty, levity of the soul,


Soul awakens love.


Love begets more love,


In living with sadness


Life is spelled right.


The soul’s core blossoms


Releasing a body long tight.


The right spelling of life.




Through sadness




What did you expect?





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