For sinus congestion and headache, please think mold allergy. For sinusitis, please think of mold allergy and mold infection. For chronic and recurrent sinusitis, please think of mold allergy, mold infections, and mold toxins. If your symptoms recurred after sinus surgery, please think of mold allergy, mold infections, and mold toxins. For the “mold problems,” please think bowel, bowel, and bowel.

Chronic sinusitis is a problem of four stages:
-The first stage of mold allergy,
-The second stage of mold infection,
-The third stage of viral infection and blockage of sinus opening, and
-The fourth stage of bacterial infections.

Antibiotic therapy is necessary for acute bacterial infections—the fourth stage representing complications of the preceding three stages. It controls bacterial infections and sinus symptoms, but worsens the problems of the first three stages.

Sinus surgery for chronic sinusitis is often helpful but the results are rarely long-lasting, not surprising since it does not address the first three stages of the disease.

For Pollen Allergy, Please Think Mold Allergy and Food Allergy Majid Ali MD from Majid Ali on Vimeo.

Allergy-Weather Connections Majid Ali MD from Majid Ali on Vimeo.

Being One’s Own Personal Physician

I define disease as a state of separation from one’s nature—from rhythms of one’s life. Since no one can truly know the degrees of separation from nature of someone else’s chronic “unwellness,” it follows that the only authentic physician a person can have is oneself. No one can truly know the rhythms of someone else’s life. That means no doctor can truly be your primary physician. The case of acute illness is different. A person cannot learn to be a physician on short notice, especially when in distress due to acute illness. For example, a forty-year-old man who develops acute sinusitis and fever cannot be his primary physician for that acute illness. However, the health of his sinuses two years later will depend far more on what he can learn about sinusitis and how he manages it than on the efficacy of his drugs.

Guidelines for Nondrug Remedies for Recurrent Sinusitis

For acute symptoms, a physician evaluation is necessary. I offer the following guidelines, listed in the order of importance, for nondrug remedies, whether or not your doctor prescribes antibiotics. I suggest the readers use as many of the items as possible for five days.

Sublingual mold drops

One drop two or three times a day
Sublingual drops based on an individuals’ blood mold tests usually give superior results. However, generic homeopathic mold drops usually work well as well.

Sublingual Allergy Drops from Majid Ali on Vimeo.

Eucalyptus oil rubs
Rub the oil gently over the chest

Castor/Sesame oil rubs

Rub the oil gently over the sinus regions (forehead, cheeks), temple, and neck. Castor/sesame rotation 3 to 1
Rub the oil gently over the front, sides, and back and abdomen. Castor/sesame rotation 3 to 1

Nasal/Sinus Vapor

Cayenne/ginger or thyme (begin with gentle inhalations)

Nasal/Sinus hygiene

Neti pot twice daily (can use a squeezed paper cup to make a spout, if Neti pot is not available)

Use warm water with salt and baking soda 1/2 teaspoon each or with peroxide 3% 10 drops in 3 ounces of water

Turmeric + Vitamin C
Two capsules of turmeric with 1000 mg vitamin C three times a day

Throat Protocol Gargle
Gargle with seven drops three times daily if ‘viral symptoms’ or respiratory congestion occur. The Institute’s “Throat Protocol includes Vitamin A and E, and glycerine.

Yogurt/kefir (preferably of goat milk) three times/day

-If necessary, OTC one tab twice daily (guaifenesin)

Mold/Pollen control

Reducing Pollen Exposure at Home to Control Allergy Symptoms Majid Ali MD from Majid Ali on Vimeo.


Allergy Dehydration Connection Majid Ali MD from Majid Ali on Vimeo.


Benadryl 25 mg, if necessary on a short-term basis.

Please note that these guidelines are not a substitute for an examination by a doctor.

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One comment

  • Dear Dr. Ali, thank you for this information. I do have a question regarding the use of eucalyptus along with homeopathic mold remedy. Commonly any strong scent, such as eucalyptus or camphor etc, would break a homeopathic remedy. I am going to try the rest of your suggestions as I have struggled with sinus issues ever since my woodworking career and intense exposure to dust and lacquers. I would appreciate your suggestions for resources of the mold remedies.
    Thank you. Sincerely, Dana T


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