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Majid Ali, M.D.
I predict that an honest “Healing-the-Heart Movement”will never take roots until the “Cancer of Cholesterol-Think” is eradicated. I choose these strong words carefully—introducing the terms Healing-the-Heart Movement and Cholesterol-Think—for a clear purpose. I will let you decide whether in doing so I seek cheap thrills or whether I have an authentic message that deserves to be delivered with strong words.

Health Benefits of Cholesterol

Cholesterol protects the heart arteries and the heart muscle cells. It preserves health and reverses diseases by vigorously defending the Oxygen Order of Human Biology (described in my book entitled “Oxygen and Aging”). Specifically, cholesterol serves Oxygen King by the following major mechanisms:

1. Antioxidant roles
2. Anti-inflammatory roles
3. Blood fluidity-preserving roles
4. Cell membrane-stabilizing roles
5. Matrix-stabilizing roles
6. Preservation of the structure and functions of heart muscle (myocardium)
7. Preservation of coronary artery structures and functions by all mechanisms listed here
8. Production of all steroid hormones
9. Production of vitamin D
10. Digestive roles (by the production of bile salts)

Poison of Cholesterol-Think and Drug Monsters

Cholesterol thinking in drug medicine now poisons not only the United States but all other countries in the world. This is so because healing traditions all over the world are now controlled by Drug Monsters. Who are these monsters? Drug Monsters are cults of craven men (less often women) who crave control and money and mindlessly poison human bodies with toxic drugs to satiate their pathologic impulses. In 2011, $2.8 trillion were spent in the disease maintenance system controlled by these monsters. If it takes you 30 minutes to read this article (assuming that you will re-read and then try to remember the ten cholesterol roles listed above), by the time you finish, the Drug Monsters would have taken in over $161 million to control their minions and further expand their ruthless empire. I might point out that at this rate of controlling money, they can appoint two presidents of the United States in just three days (recognizing that President Obama twice needed $1 billion to get appointe).

Doctors Demonize Cholesterol

I offer here a thought experiment to make a crucial point about cholesterol. Please consider passing a copy of this article to any doctor who prescribes Lipitor, Crestor, Zocor, Pravachol, or any other statin drug for lowering your cholesterol. Maybe, just maybe, one of them will stop demonizing cholesterol (even if she or he has to prescribe these drugs to protect his license controlled by Drug Monsters).

Thought Experiment About Good and Bad Cholesterols

In this thought experiment, New York City offers free unlimited use of its subways, street buses, and ferries for its civically-enlightened citizens who move about in the city with full courtesy to fellow citizens. There are enough of these transport units to allow New Yorkers to reach their destinations without overcrowding and conflicts.

Manhattan has an amazingly fast, safe, and reliable transport system. The city subway system does not reach Staten Island. The Burroughs of Queens, Bronx, and Brooklyn are well-served in areas close to Manhattan but not so efficiently in areas far removed from it.

On the first balmy and breezy spring day after a blistering cold winter, New Yorkers come out in droves to celebrate the City. Here are some questions:

1. How many New Yorkers will be transported by the free subway service in Manhattan?
2. How many New Yorkers will be transported by the free subway service to or from Staten Island? (Recall the City subway system does not reach the Island).
3. How many New Yorkers will be transported by subways in Far Rockway (a region far removed from Manhattan which has far less extensive and frequent service than in Manhattan)?
4. How many New Yorkers will be transported by the City’s free ferry service every 20 minutes to Staten Island?

Cholesterol New Yorkers and Lipo New Yorkers

In my thought experiment, the City’s residents are “Cholesterol New Yorkers” and City transport units are “Lipo New Yorkers.” Lipo is short for lipoproteins, the blood substances that are made up of lipids (fats) and proteins. To cite specific examples, LDL is short for low density lipoproteins which float up in a blood sample in a test tube when it is spun. To cite another example, VLDL is short for very low density lipoproteins which float even higher than LDL in a blood sample in a test tube when it is spun. Here is another example: HDL is short for high density lipoproteins which settle down when a blood sample in a test tube is spun.

When a doctor tells you that your HDL cholesterol is high, what he is saying is that your blood sample has a larger quantity of HDL transport proteins that can carry a larger number of cholesterol molecules. Whether a cholesterol molecule rides an LDL protein carrier or a cholesterol molecule rides an HDL protein carrier, it is the same cholesterol. So, whether the HDL cholesterol number is higher or the LDL cholesterol is higher depends upon the amount of HDL and LDL proteins produced by the liver. So, it is a matter of the health of the liver and not that of cholesterol.

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  • I am an occassional patient of Dr. Ali’s. I am finding it difficult to stop using coffee, alcohol and enter a healing mental/emotional state. That said, I depend upon your continued communication to inspire me to a healthier life and outlook. Personally, I find the videos far less helpful than the written comments. As side from the greater time involved it is much more difficult to review and learn from video than it is to read, save and re-read the written information. Dr. Ali is doing very important work for all us. And I am very grateful. With my warmest regards and admiration,


  • Justine B. Fabul

    Dr. Ali is absolutely right if you are knowledgeable what he patronize and his research health is wealth a
    natural way and understanding to healing the biology of our body.


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