I Have Diabetes, I have to Lose it – Part One: Insulin Toxicity

Diabetes: part 1 Insulin Toxicity

Majid Ali, M.D.

Diabetes Type 2, the common form of the disease, is an insulin toxicity problem long before it becomes the so-called sugar problem. It can be neither understood nor prevented by the prevailing “sugar thinking.” The American Diabetes Association (ADA) does not believe diabetes can be reversed. Not unexpectedly, doctors under its umbrella do not believe diabetes reversal is possible. As for treating the disease by lowering blood sugar levels with drugs, most of these drugs actually worsen the real problem of insulin toxicity.

Diabetes now is a global scourge. Consider the following quote from The New York Times of January 9, 2006.

“… diabetes has already stricken an estimated one of every eight adult New Yorkers, a rate nearly one-third higher than in the nation as a whole. It is finding new victims, and killing many of them, faster than any other major illness–even as scourges like heart disease, or all cancer taken together, have leveled off or fallen. If unchecked, it is expected to ensnare coming generations on an unheard-of scale: One in every three Americans born five years ago. One in two Latinos.”

When I read the above text, I was not surprised. Here is why:

Diabetes Among PIMA Indians in Southwest United States

Below are data concerning the rising incidence of diabetes Type 2 among a large population of American-Indians:

1 case in 1908
21 cases in 1930s (Elliot Joslin)
283 cases in 1954
Over 500 in 1965
Over 60% in mid-1990s
Over 65% in 2013

The Society’s Choice

A society can obsess on blood sugar tests and fan epidemics of obesity and diabetes. Or it can test blood insulin and prevent and reverse diabetes. It can use drugs to lower blood sugar level and stay sick. Or it can focus on lowering blood insulin by increasing insulin efficiency and stay healthy. Insulin in excess is fattening, inflaming, fermenting, “heart-toxic,” “brain-toxic,” “kidney-toxic,” “liver-toxic,” and “everything-else-in-the-body-toxic.” With these simple words I tell the whole story of diabetes and its complications.

Insulin: The Minister of Energy and Metabolism

Oxygen is the king of human biology, insulin its minister of energy and metabolism. I consider a three-hour insulin profile to be the only acceptable test for assessing insulin homeostasis and the metabolic status of the body, glucose intolerance, and the diagnosis of prediabetes and diabetes.

Detection of Insulin Toxicity and Diagnosis of Diabetes

Diabetes now is a global scourge. Fasting blood sugar test for diagnosing diabetes is unreliable. So I do not use it. In a previous published study, I diagnosed diabetes Type 2 in seven percent of patients with fasting blood sugar levels within the normal laboratory reference range (under 100 mg/dL). All these patients had either a chronic illness or were overweight. I might add that A1c tests, though better than fasting blood sugar level, is also misleading in too many cases. A three-hour insulin profile after a standard 75 gram glucose load is the best way to detect insulin toxicity. The glucose profile comes with insulin profile and allows me to diagnose prediabetes and diabetes according to the prevailing standards. I draw the above conclusions from a study of over 500 insulin and glucose profiles, many of which were presented in earlier publications, including my book entitled “Dr. Ali’s Plan for Reversing Diabetes (2011). Citations for my selected earlier publications appear at the end of this article.

I-Have-Diabetes-I-Have-to-Lose-it Series

In the second part of the “I-Have-Diabetes-I-Have-to-Lose-it” series, I relate the unplanned conversation which gave me the title of this series. Following are my primary points in offering this series: .

* First, the problem in diabetes is insulin toxicity.
* Second, relying on fasting blood sugar test to rule out the presence of
prediabetes or diabetes is a serious mistake
* Third, diabetes Type 2 is reversible in most cases in the first five to ten years.
* Fourth, the physician does not serve the patient well if the patient does not have a

In the various articles of the series, I present a simplified plan for reversing diabetes and discuss each aspect of the plan at length.

Dr. Ali’s Course on Losing Diabetes

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6,  I Have Diabetes. I Have to Lose It. Seminar 1 – Dr. Ali’s Course on Diabetes
7,  I Have Diabetes. I Have to Lose It. Seminar 2 – Dr. Ali’s Course on Diabetese Warning Diabetes

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