Bad Breath

Each Unhealthy Mouth Is Unhealthy In Its Own Way

Majid Ali, M.D.

Bad breath is caused by oral fermentation, which in most cases is rooted in colon fermentation. Less commonly, oral fermentation is an extension of stomach fermentation. I anticipate the question: why don’t I begin with dental cavities and tooth abscesses? The answer: This is what my patients, my truest teachers teach me. Their bad breath is deminished and eventually cleared only when I teach them how to stop and prevent fermentation in their colons and stomachs.

Majid Ali M.d, * Bad Breath – Sesame Oil or Tooth Past * from Majid Ali on Vimeo.

All healthy mouths are alike, each unhealthy mouth is unhealthy in its own way. I borrow Leo Tolstoy’s words with good reason. Health oral flora gives us fresh breath. I had my first dental cavity in my early forties. I see the worst cases of oral thrush (yeast overgrowth) and early dental cavities in children and young adults who were brought up on sugar and antibiotics. Their food allergies, food intolerances, mold allergies, and mold toxicities were neglected. These factors caused fermentation in the colons and stomachs before persistent oral fermentation, dry mouth, metallic taste, and bad breath began.

Know Your Mouth, Please!

What is the main difference between wise physicians and smart doctors? Who are wise physicians? Who are smart doctors? Here is a hint: Wise physicians are conscious about oral health and bowel ecology, smart doctors are not. Why do you think this is so? I did clinical work in hospitals in three countries from 1961 to 1996. Conservatively speaking, I attended five conferences a week, which comes to an astounding 7,400 conferences. I do not recall a single lecturer who focused on the oral cavity and bowel ecology to assess the health of the bowel.

Majid Ali M.D,*Bad Breath Cleared by Peroxide Foot Soaks* from Majid Ali on Vimeo.

Being One’s Oral Specialist

For becoming one’s own doctor, the mouth is a good beginning. Observing one’s oral cavity, in my experience is a direct, simple, and convenient way of assessing bowel health. While it is easy to get lost in the descriptions of “mouth conditions” listed in medical textbooks (and now on the internet), the healing approach to nearly all of them is simple and straight forward. To underscore this crucial point, I offer some thought on wise physicians and smart doctors before discussing individual tongue conditions listed above and simple, holisic, nondrug therapies to address them.

Video Seminars on Bad breath, Gingivitis, and Jaw Bone Loss

I describe “Dr. Ali’s Oral Protocol” and offer guidelines for simple, safe, and effective natural remedies for bad breath, gingivitis, and jaw bone loss in two video seminars. Please click on the boxes below to order these video seminars.

Bad Breath

Mouth Fermentation
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Oral Hygene

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