Avastin for Brain Cancer – Another Deception Blows Up

Majid Ali, M.D.

In 2007, in my book entitled “The Crab, Oxygen, and Cancer Volume I,” I wrote a whole chapter to explain why highly toxic chemotherapy angio-drugs like Avastin will prove to be failed drugs. I offered clear and documented evidence in the following two articles posted on internet (links given at the end of the article):

1. Avastin: A Failed Drug – The Predictable- and the Predicted-Comes True
2. Avastin– A Drug That Should Not Have Been Approved

Avastin Deception Clearly Exposed

To provide yet more evidence in support of my assertion that toxic Avastin (and related angio-inhibitor drugs) will prove to be failed drugs, below I reproduce some text from The New York Times of July 14, 2013.

“Mark R. Gilbert, a professor of neuro-oncology at the University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, presented the results of a clinical trial testing the drug Avastin in patients newly diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme, an aggressive brain cancer. In two earlier, smaller studies of patients with recurrent brain cancers, tumors shrank and the disease seemed to stall for several months when patients were given the drug, an antibody that targets the blood supply of these fast-growing masses of cancer cells. But to the surprise of many, Dr. Gilbert’s study found no difference in survival between those who were given Avastin and those who were given a placebo.

No difference in survival between Avastin and a starch pill! Will the Times story change anything about toxic chemo drugs that do not work? No. Why would it be any different this time?

Making Informed and Intelligent Life and Death Decisions

Those who denounce all chemotherapy drugs are fools. Those who denounce all natural therapies to reduce the need for such drugs are bigger fools. Those who write words like these may be the biggest of them fools. Point well taken.

Decision to take chemotherapy or reject it is a serious decision that should be informed and intelligent. People facing this decision have to contend with:

* Personal fear and uncertainty
* Massive corporate deceptions
* Severely compromised authenticity of the prevailing oncology model in the United States
* Pernicious ideological distortions
* Crimes of insurance industry in refusing coverage of natural therapies.


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