Cancer Drugs That Boost Immunity – The Promise of Nivolumab and Related PD-1 Drugs

Majid Ali, M.D.

We hope soon we will have drugs that destroy cancer and empower the body’s own defense system at the same time. This is an old hope which has been dashed so many times that the very mention of it brings doubt, even sarcasm. And yet we must keep this hope alive.

One person whose name comes to mind on this subject is William B. Coley, a New York surgeon, who in the late 1800s, reported a disappearance of cancer in a patient who had a severe bacterial infection. He went on to injecting microbial preparations into his cancer patients and claimed some success. This became the “Coley vaccine,” which was supported by some and forcefully disputed by others. In recent years, among many other approaches taken to develop a drug that kill cancer cells and strengthen immunity involves a protein called PD-1 (programmed death 1). Some evidence suggests that PD-1 and its companion substances (ligands) negatively affect immune responses. Early and limited studies show that antibodies that target PD-1 boost the immune system and destroy cancer. Specifically, one such antibody, nivolumab, produced complete or partial responses in certain types of cancers of the lung and kidney, and melanoma. I point out that in these studies colon and pancreatic cancer did not respond to this drug.

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The Oxygen Protocol for Cancer

My Oxygen Protocol for Cancer is also based on the same promise of controlling cancer by therapies that powerfully boost immunity by restoring and enhancing oxygen homeostasis. Later in this article, I offer more information on the model described fully in the two volumes of my cancer book. Now to some news on the subject.

Promising New Cancer Drugs Empower the Body’s Own Defense System

The above was the title of a front-page story on the business section of The New York Times on June 3, 2013. This means that the Times recognized it to be first a business story and only then a medical report. No surprise there. Consider the following quote from the Times’ article: The new drugs work by disabling a brake on the immune system called the programmed death 1 receptor, or PD-1. And although the data presented at the meeting was from the earliest stage of testing only, the drugs were the center of attention here, with some doctors predicting that cancer treatment was about to shift.”

Next consider another quote from the same article: “Analysts, who predict billions of dollars in sales, are trying to determine which of the three front-runners—Merck, Bristol-Myers and Roche—have the best drug and how soon the drugs could reach the market. Some think it could be as early as a year and a half from now.The excitement has spread to Wall Street. Shares of Merck and Bristol-Myers Squibb, which are developing such drugs, rose more than 3 percent on Monday after data from their studies was presented over the weekend at the meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology.”

The Times article refers to the case of malignant melanoma of Dr. Therese Bocklage, an Albuquerque pathologist, who took Merck’s experimental PD-1 inhibitor, lambrolizumab, as part of a clinical trial since January 2012. Her tumors disappeared. Great news! “If I had had this turn up not last year but six years ago, most likely I’d be dead,” she said. She must know, as I, a pathologist myself, do that melanoma ranks high near the top of cancers which are likely to respond to such a therapy.

The Times also recognize what I have sadly recognized for half a century with the following words: “But there are reasons to be cautious. This is cancer, after all. Many other hoped-for miracles have failed to materialize. This is a conference that has hailed drugs that extend lives by only a few weeks as breakthroughs. “

Excitement about “the immune system boosting” comes cheap. Consider the drug therapies that were called miracles for patients with rheumatoid arthritis, sarcoidosis, lupus, scleroderma, and multiple sclerosis. The real tragedy here is that the promise of immune-boosting drugs is blinding doctors to natural remedies that are generally highly effective for these immune disorders, and are in general far more valuable in controlling cancer.

Oxygen Model of Cancer

My Oxygen Model of Cancer is an extension of my Oxygen Model of Health and Disease. It is a unifying model that explains all aspects of cancer—causes, clinical course, consequences, and control—on the basis of disturbed oxygen function. The most important among these compromised and/or blocked functions are: (1) oxygen signaling; (2) oxygen’s ATP energy generation; (3) oxygen’s detergent functions; (4) oxygen’s cellular detox functions; (5) oxygen-regulated cell membrane and matrix functions; (6) oxygen’s cellular repair roles.

This model predicts that ongoing reserach will reveal that components of acidosis (excess acidity), oxidosis (increased oxidative stress), and CUD (clotting-unclotting dysequilibrium) will be found to play important roles in the pathology and clinical features of cancer.

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In patient advocacy, a physician’s first commitment must be to the truth, the second to hope. Sadly, I found that not to be true in oncology literature or in the writings of the so-called holistic doctors who claim to cure cancer.

I found the realities of cancer in my patients who overcame their cancers, who live with cancer, and in those who died with cancer—angry and frightened initially, often in despair later, nearly always with awe-inspiring courage close to the end.

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Cancer Book – Volume 2 KINDLE > BOOK:
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