Of Withering Flowers and Children’s Woes poetry by Dr Ali

Majid Ali, M.D.

Oxygen-lovers have always shunned oxygen-shunners. On the evolutionary time scale, the former evolved and thrives because they were experimenters, forever engineering ways to escape invasion and decimation by the latter. How many oxygen-loving (oxyphil) species eventually succumbed to oxygen-shunners (oxyphobes) in this time scale remain a matter of speculation. In 2012-13, there was a widespread devastation of annual flowers, Impatients, by a mysterious strain of downy mildew in the United States and Canada. The celebration of colors ended abruptly, the leaves dropped off, the stems fell over, and then the plants withered, without any signs of revival. A $2 billion industry in the United States vanished. The flow species will no doubt be replaced by other species. This is likely to dismissed just as one mold’s victory’s over a breed of flower beloved by the home gardeners. Perhaps, it should be just so.

Every time I see this story played, my mind cannot escape images of an incrementally fermenting planet that continually favors oxyphobes in their eternal strife against oxyphobes. Here is a poem from my book Drone Democracy (2011) which took form with similar images.

Did Angels Stop Singing?

In ocean’s toxic ooze,
a dolphin,
the ocean’s canary,
circled like an inmate
in an asylum.
How do I breathe oil?
An octopus asked.
How do I eat tar?
a turtle choked.
“How do I unglue my wings,
O’ Oil-monster?”
a black bird convulsed.

loyal to its primal rhythm,
true to its inner fathom,
The ocean breathed,
the planet’s breath.
Life begot death.
Death begot life.
Nature celebrated
its eternal strife.

Earth’s belly stabbed
by eco-monsters.
As a drunken medic might,
cut open a soldier’s bowels,
never trained to repair
gaping and festering wounds.

Its crust gapping,
the Earth heaved.
Spewing fires
the ocean seethed.
Pelicans died,
Politicians lied,
Oil-monsters thrived,
Demented officials survived.

Ocean’s old equilibrium busted,
Oxyphils suffocated,
Oxyphobes luxuriated.
Eternal oxygen order violated,
People perished,
Animals and plants
Suffered and sickened.

Decades after
The Earth’s belly oozed,
Ocean fermented and fumed,
In toddlers guts,
Sugar-fed critters zoomed.
Stomach health ruined,
For decades, for some,
Forever for the doomed.

The Earth trembled,
The heaven screamed,
The deep ocean seethed,
The music ceased.
Did angels stop singing?
Did people stop hearing?

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