Breast Cancer Rate Among Young Women Doubles

Majid Ali, M.D.

In 1968, a case of breast cancer stirred interest in the disease. The reason: the patient was 31 years old. The department head invited residents to present a seminar on breast cancer in young women. As a first year pathology resident, I offered to do so and did just that after a week. Six years later, I became the director of the residence program and started moderating the hospital’s monthly breast cancer conference.

Fast forward to 1996, the year I left the hospital to devote full time practice to integrative medicine. During that year, in one month we diagnosed breast cancer in three women aged 21, 13, and 29 years. In 2003, I published a 507-page book entitled “Eco-Monsters and Onco-Monsters – Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer.” To my knowledge, it is the only book devoted to these two hormone-driven cancers. In this book, I made three predictions: (1) one of every five female babies born in the United States will develop breast cancer; (2) one of every three male babies born in the United States will develop prostate cancer; and (3) these two cancers will incrementally become more aggressive in their clinical course.

Breast Cancer, Beware of Diagnosis Majid Ali MD from Majid Ali on Vimeo.

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The Root Cause or Causes Were Widespread

I based my predictions on my Oxygen Model of Cancer, which predicts that the greater the interruption of oxygen signaling in any region in the world, the higher the incidence of cancer there. Derangement of oxygen signaling are caused by toxicities of foods, environment, and thought. This simply stated is my Oxygen Model of Disease. In the case of breast cancer, my prediction has already proven correct. The U.S. Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results (SEER) program reported a significant increase among black and white women in both urban and non-urban areas, suggesting that the root cause or causes were widespread. The rate of advanced breast cancer for U.S. women 25 to 39 years old nearly doubled from 1976 to 2009, a difference too great to be a matter of chance, a study finds.

Higher Incidence of Metastatic Breast Cancer

More disturbing was its prediction that an increasing number of young women in the United States are presenting in advanced stages of breast cancer with widespread metastases. The reason is simple: young women have higher levels of hormones and breast cancer is a hormonally-driven cancer.

Dr. Ali’s Breast Health Protocol from Majid Ali on Vimeo.

Competent Breast Exam, Not Just Pink Marches Majid Ali MD from Majid Ali on Vimeo.

The Oxygen Model of Cancer

My Oxygen Model of Cancer is an extension of my Oxygen Model of Health and Disease. It is a unifying model that explains all aspects of cancer—causes, clinical course, consequences, and control—on the basis of disturbed oxygen function. The most important among these compromised and/or blocked functions are: (1) oxygen signaling; (2) oxygen’s ATP energy generation; (3) oxygen’s detergent functions; (4) oxygen’s cellular detox functions; (5) oxygen-regulated cell membrane and matrix functions; (6) oxygen’s cellular repair roles.

This model predicted that ongoing research would reveal that components of acidosis (excess acidity), oxidosis (increased oxidative stress), and CUD (clotting-unclotting dysequilibrium) will be found to play important roles in the pathology, biology, and clinical behavior of cancer. All these are now established scientific facts. I devoted the following two volumes to these subjects; (1) The Crab, Oxygen and Cancer. Volume I: The Dysox Model of Cancer. 2007. New York, Canary 21 Press; and (2) The Crab, Oxygen and Cancer. Volume II: The Oxygen Protocol for Treating Cancer. 2007. New York, Canary 21 Press.

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