Multiple Sclerosis – Part 2

The Oxygen Model of Multiple Sclerosis

Majid Ali, M.D.

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is, first and foremost, an oxygen problem. This, simply stated, is the core of my Dysox Model of Multiple Sclerosis, which I have successfully used to reverse multiple sclerosis except in advanced stages for two decades. My message for individuals with MS is simple: detect and address all toxins that impair or block oxygen signaling in the body. Initially, patients with MS require clinical evaluation and appropriate testing by knowledgeable and experienced physicians. Later, such patients must learn how to be their own doctors. This will raise many eyebrows but this is what my patients have taught me.

The Multiple Sclerosis Series

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* Part 2: Multiple Sclerosis – The Oxygen Model of Multiple Sclerosis
* Part 3: Multiple Sclerosis – The Oxidative Model of Multiple Sclerosis
* Part 4: Multiple Sclerosis – The Cortical Model of Multiple Sclerosis
* Part 5: Multiple Sclerosis – Healing Through the Bowel
* Part 6: Multiple Sclerosis – The Reversal

Demyelination of Nerve Fibers

My patients also taught me some other important lessons that go beyond what medical textbooks teach. The designation multiple sclerosis refers to multiple areas of degeneration and scarring involving myelin sheets that insulate nerve fibers. For decades, medical textbooks have described MS as a problem of the white matter of the brain and the spinal cord, which causes tingling, numbness, pain, balance difficulties and, in advanced stages, put people in wheel chairs. My clinical experience and laboratory findings led me to serious question about the prevailing “white matter model” of MS. observations. It was evident to me that the grey matter of the brain was also involved in the disease process. My clinical sense was fully validated in 2011 with a report of brain biopsies published in the New England Journal of Medicine (December 8 issue). Specifically, pathologists found grey matter (cortical) demyelination in 38% of biopsies. Of the 85 patients without cortical demyelination, 14% had cortical inflammation. I return to this subject in Part 3 of this series.

A Crucial Lesson From My Patients

My patients have taught me that this can be avoided in nearly all cases with vigorous and persistent efforts to provide optimal nutrients to the brain and undertake effective bowel and liver detox programs. First some scientific facts about oxygen signaling.

Oxygen Signaling

In 1998, I introduced the term dysox—short for dysoxygenosis—for a state of fundamental failure of energy generation and detox in the cells. I showed that dysox is caused by impaired function of enzymes involved in oxygen-driven chemistry (“oxyenzymes”) and leads to buildup of acids and toxins in the body. Soon after I defined dysox as energy and detox failure, I recognize other biochemical defects (and their clinical consequences) caused by blocked oxygen functions in the body, including:

☞ Oxygen-driven cellular energetics,
☞ Oxygen-driven cellular development and multiplication,
☞ Oxygen-driven removal of cellular grease (oxygen’s detergent functions),
☞ Oxygen-activation of the enzyme systems of the body,
☞ Oxygen-driven cellular detox mechanisms.

In 1998, my primary purpose in introducing the term dysox was to compel the readers to reach beyond the then-prevailing practice of naming diseases—choosing a diagnostic labels that reveal nothing about the real underlying causes—to justify the use of the so-called “drugs of choice.”

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