America Cannot Afford Quality Medical Care Unless ….

A Matter of Personal Ethics

Majid Ali, M.D.

America cannot afford quality medical care unless people, not politicians and providers, define what quality of care is. I state this with complete confidence because the country is simply not rich enough to pay for what is being touted as “quality medical care.”

Consider some case studies. A young man living in New York told me he had seen over 80 doctors before consulting me. When I expressed doubt about that he assued me that he records to prove that. Guess how much Medicare must have paid for that quality care.

A woman in late sixties consulted me ankle pain of five month duration. It developed after she missed a step and sprained her ankle. I learned that she received four MRI scans during that period, one ordered by her primary doctor, a podiatrist, a chiropractor, and an orthopedic surgeon. She has not used castor oil rubs and hydrogen peroxide ankle soaks, the two most effective therapies in my experience, which I had prescribed two years previously for joint symptoms. When asked why, she replied, “Oh, I forgot all that.” Guess how much Medicare must have paid for that quality care.

A patient was advised by her lawyer to have frequent visits with me. “My lawyer told me to tell you that Medicare would pay for it,” she assured me. She was not interested in my low-cost (less than 25 cents each) natural remedies for tissue inflammation. I told her lawyers do not determine how I serve my patients and declined her request. Other doctors must have agreed. Guess how much Medicare pays for such “quality care” nationwide yearly.

It is not unusual for me to see patients with blood pressure values of 230 and over, a level with high risk of stroke. I told the patient I am obligated to call an ambulance to take you to a hospital unless you breathe slow, drink a protein shake, and take a dose of hawthorn tincture. Given that choice, they all succeeded in lowering their blood pressure by 30 to 50 points (some needed a dose of Lasix diuretic) and so were able to avoid hospitalization. Guess how much Medicare would save every year, if people were willing to take responsibility for their health.

A woman in our building in New York City asked my wife if I would give her a prescription for physiotherapy. I declined and wondered with how many doctors she had succeeded with that request. In large cities, how much Medicare pays for physiotherapy and massages depends upon how creative, skillful, and persistent people are in “working the system.” Guess how much such individuals might cost Medicare.

These are not uncommon case histories. They repeatedly over and over when doctors talk among themselves.

A Matter of Personal Ethics

My point: We Americans need thought reforms much more than insurance reforms. As a nation, we simply are not rich enough to let politicians and providers decide what quality of medical care is. It is a matter of personal ethics, for each one of us.

How Do I Find My Path of Ethics?

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