Dr. Ali’s Course on Healing – How Do I Begin?

Majid Ali, M.D.

It is simple and quick. Here are three easy steps:

* Go to http://www.aliacademy.org
* Click the link at the top-center marked “Dr. Ali’s Course on Healing.”
* Click the box marked “Add to Cart” for seminars 1 to 4.”

Dr. Ali’s Course on Healing (Basic) is an eight-week self-learning program based on eight video seminars. I suggest you begin with the first four. In the Course, I offer a large number of simple, safe, effective, and low-cost natural remedies to preserve health and reverse chronic disease.

The Course is focused on Healing-Literacy, not on Disease-Literacy. I explain the crucial difference between the two. Disease-Literacy is a path of dependence on others, while Healing-Literacy is a journey of learning, understanding, and knowing. For knowing to be authentic, it must be liberating.

Who Should Consider Dr. Ali’s Course on Healing?

Anyone with love of learning, passion for knowledge, and interest in health and healing. Specifically, the course is designed to serve the educational needs of individuals who:

* Are healthy and wish to continue to be so;
* Desire the same for their family;
* Need to address a personal health problem;
* Are involved in the care of someone else with chronic medical conditions;
* Might consider a career in healing arts;
* Have decided to study health, nutrition, nursing, or medicine.

Read more at: http://childrenshealthcorps.org/dr__a_course_beginning.htm

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