Autism – Say NO to MRI and PET Scans for Diagnosis

Majid Ali, M.D.

MRI and PET scans are being done to diagnose autism. This is a mistake. These scans must not be relied on for diagnosis. Good science is good science. MRI and PET scan technologies do provide valuable information and undoubtedly will continue to do so. However, at present these technologies are not trustworthy for diagnosis. Indeed, it is safe for me to predict that such imaging methods will never be sufficiently accurate to diagnosis autism syndromes, since these entities are caused by brain development put in jeopardy by toxicities of foods, environment, and parental stresses (see my article entitled “Toxic Womb State). Undoubtedly, thoughtful researchers will soon recognize the complexities of the autism spectrum and see the folly of pinning the diagnostic label on the findings of brain scans. Later in this article, I include quotes from some careful brain researchers who are worried about the same issues that concern me.

No, I do not predict that these scans will not be used for diagnosis. There is far too much money to made for some to simply forego rich profits from scanning.

The mistake of using of MRI and PET scans to diagnose autism become readily evident when we shift the focus from prevailing disease-literacy mode of autism study to the rational, logical, and scientifically sound healing-literacy model of thinking. First, a few comments
about what the autism spectrum is and what it is not.

Oxygen Model of Autism

Autism, first and foremost, is an oxygen problem that challenges the development of the brain, beginning with the toxic womb. It is not a psychiatric disorder, nor is it a psychiatric disorder. That fact that aspects of the clinical problems of people on the autism spectrum benefit from medications does not alter my “oxygen view” of the spectrum. Most structural and functional brain changes observed in the spectrum can be related to dysfunctional oxygen metabolism. I predict that with ongoing research, each and every aspect of the spectrum will be eventuality linked to altered oxygen signaling. This, in simple words, is my Oxygen Model of Autism. This will also lead to integrative management plans to create the nutritional, micro-environmental, and detox conditions in the brain for optimal and continued brain re-modelling. Read more at

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