Re-Thinking Diabetes – Diabetes Type 2A Type 2B Subtypes

(Diabetes Type 2A (insulin-Excess) Diabetes Type 2B (Insulin Depletion)

Majid Ali, M.D.

Pre-diabetes is an insulin toxicity state. Typically, the peak blood insulin levels in pre-diabetes are five to ten times or higher than the peak level (usually 25 micro-units or less. When pre-diabetes advances to diabetes, higher insulin levels persist for five to ten years or more, often rising to fifteen times or more of the healthy peak levels. With passing years the insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas become “burned-out” by over-producing and the blood insulin levels begin to fall. Eventually beta cells are completed depleted and the three-hour insulin profile becomes flat, all values being less than two units (two micro-units/mlL).

Distinction between Insulin-Excess and Insulin-Depletion Diabetes Subtypes of Diabetes Type 2 

One of the grievous errors of the American Diabetic Association (and of doctors under its influence) is that people with pre-diabetes and diabetes Type 2 are kept in the dark about the crucial distinction between “Insulin-Excess Diabetes Type 2A” and “Insulin-Depletion Diabetes Type 2B.” Patients pay an enormous price for this dereliction.

Insulin Peaks in Health, Pre-Diabetes, and Diabetes

Healthy people often have a fasting insulin level of less than two units and a peak insulin level of less than 25 units. Some have peak insulin as low as 15. The three-hour insulin level of healthy individuals is often less than five units. Note that after nine years of multi-drug treatment of diabetes, the total amount of insulin (seen as the area under this patient’s insulin curve) is more than five times as much as healthy subjects.

Raising Insulin by Pancreatic Regeneration

In Insulin-Depletion Diabetes Type 2, the goal is to create conditions of oxygen, acidity, and free radicals in the pancreas so that insulin-producing cells in the pancreas gland bcan regenerate. Also, it is to keep cell membranes de-greased and functioning well in response to energy needs of the body. A case study is presented below that illustrates how this can be achieved with a holistic and integrated program of optimal insulin-wise food choices and daily gentle bowel, blood, and liver detox measures. I present the details of my integrative program in my book entitled “Dr. Ali’s Plan for Reversing Diabetes. (2011) , can be downloaded from The book in print form can be ordered aso by calling 1-800-633-6226. I also offer this program in three 40-minute video seminars entitled “Dr. Ali’s Guidelines for Regenerating Pancreas and Reversing Diabetes,” “ Dr. Ali’s Hydrogen Peroxide Soaks Protocol,” and “Dr. Ali’s Castor-Sesame Topical Oil Protocol.” These seminar can also be downloaded for a few dollars from  or by calling 1-800-633-6226.

An Illustrative Case Study

A 51-yr-old man consulted me for diabetes and kidney stones. He was 5’9″ tall and weighed 167 lbs. He was being treated with Metformin, which failed to control diabetes as revealed by A1c value of 7.9%. He discontinued Metformin within three months of starting our program. Three months later, his A1c value was 6.5%. The long-term success in insulin regeneration is documented with data shown in the table below.

Increase in the Insulin Levels With An Insulin-Increasing Plan for a 51-yr-old yrs. 167 lb; 5’9″ Man Weighing 167 lbs. Who was Treated With Metformin. For One Year Before Implementing the Plan.

9.17..2011 Fasting 1 Hr 2 Hr 3 Hr A1c
Insulin uIU 3 13 23 8 7.9
Glucose 130 246 229 125
Insulin 8.8 24.2 38.2 6.5%
Glucose 137 241 182
Insulin 10.9 29.6 42.6 19.4 6.6

Dr. Jekyll Insulin and Mr. Hyde Insulin

Insulin is a molecular Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde par excellence. It is energizing under one set of conditions and de-energizing under another. In low physiological concentration, insulin is pro-health, pro-life-span, anti-heart-disease, anti-hypertension, anti-inflammatory disorders, and anti-cancer. In high pathological concentration, insulin is anti-health, anti-life-span, pro-heart-disease, pro-hypertesion, pro-inflammatory disorders, and pro-cancer. The responsibility of the individual is to keep insulin levels in the narrow physiological roles. Read more in my book “Dr. Ali’s Plan for Reversing Diabetes” downloadable from  

Society’s Choice

Society can focus on keeping blood sugar low and stay sick or focus on keeping blood insulin low and staying healthy. It can test blood sugar levels, ignore insulin levels, and fan the fires of epidemics of obesity and diabetes or it can test blood insulin and prevent and reverse diabetes.

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