Dr. Ali’s Bowel Detox and Colon Cleanse

Majid Ali, M.D.

Here are the crucial lessons which my patients, my microscopes, and my friends on my autopsy tables taught me in the last fifty-four years:

* As roots are to roses, so the bowels to the brain.
* As roots are to roses, so the bowels to the heart.
* As roots are to roses, so the bowels to the liver.
* As roots are to roses, so the bowels to the kidneys.
* As roots are to roses, so the bowels to the skin.

I use the above simple words in my books, articles, and radio and television programs to highlight the central importance of the health and strength of the bowel for preserving the health and strength of various body organs.

Death Begins in the Colon

In my study of the history of medicine, I am most fascinated by how the sages of ancient times intuited certain enduring truths. None of them reveal so much as the words that trace the roots of disease and death to the disorders and disease of the colon. The words vary but the central notion is the same. Do we need to say more about the need for bowel detox. I make two essential points here:

First, I use the word “bowel” for the entire alimentary tract—from the lips to the other end—as well as the parts of the brain involved with the energy economy of the body (which, to me, means the whole brain).
Second, I prescribe gentle daily bowel detox for all my patients with chronic diseases and all individuals who consult me for healthful aging.

Dr. Ali’s Sevensome for Bowel Detox and Colon Cleanse

1. Dr. Ali’s Gentle Daily Bowel Detox
2. Dr. Ali’s four-week Gut fermentation Control Protocol
3. Dr. Ali’s Gentle Daily Liver Detox
4. Dr. Ali’s Peroxide Oxygen Therapy
5. Dr. Ali’s Spiritual Moments
6. Dr. Ali’s Preferred Spices and Nutrients
7. Dr. Ali’s Insulin-Reducing Diet (for people weighing 15 or more pounds above their optimal weight).

I offer 45-minute to one-hour video seminars on above seven items that can be received as instant downloads from http://www.majidali.com. The readers and viewers may also benefit from another video seminar entitled “The Sun-Soil Model of Health and Disease Seminar” (available from the same website.

Over 150 Video Seminars, DVDs, and Books Available at www.aliacademy.org

At my website http://www.aliacademy.org , we have simplified ordering my video seminars, DVD seminars, and book for individuals not fully familiar with internet ordering. In two simple steps, readers can reach the educational items they wish to obtain. All items in my Science, Health, and Healing Library are listed in both alphabetic and tissue-organ formats. Theselearning materials are also available at 1-800-633-6226.

Among these, I highly recommend the following in the context of bowel detox and colon cleanse:

1. Dr. Ali’s Bowel Detox – a 40-minute video seminar
2. Bowel Health and Healing – an illustrated four-hour seminar on a two-DVD set
3. Dr. Ali’s Liver Detox. a 40-minute video seminar
4 Liver Health and Detox – a 60-minute illustrated DVD seminar
5. Dr. Ali’s Healing Seminar an illustrated four-hour seminar on a two-DVD set

A Note About Personal Journey

I am a surgeon-turned-pathologist-turned-immunologist-turned-nutritionist-turned ecologist-turned-student-of-Energy-Medicine. Some readers might find the following brief comments on my journey interesting.

Altered States of Bowel Ecology

In my monograph Altered States of Bowel Ecology (1980), I recognized the need for ecological thinking in clinical medicine. To present my case, I introduced the term bowel ecology for broader ecological considerations of the health/dis-ease/disease continuum in the alimentary tract that causes clinical disorders in all parts of the body. I followed that monograph with a series of research papers and books for the general readership to firmly establish the beginnings of nutritional, inflammatory, immune, and degenerative disorders. I received strange looks when I presented my evolving ecological concepts in national and international meetings. After a few years I realized that its time had not come yet. Almost two decades would pass before I began to see the term ecological in medical literature. It is gratifying to see growing interest in the gene-microenvironment relationships, not only in the context of bowel disorders but in diseases of all body organs.

In 2006, I was vindicated to see the words gut ecology on the cover of the December 21, 2006 issue of Nature, the most prestigious science journal in the world. The lead article by Dr. Turnbaugh and colleagues was entitled “An obesity-associated gut microbiome with increased capacity for energy harvest.” So, the bowel fermenters decide who becomes fat and who remains slim. The bowel critters also decide who remains healthy and who gets sick. Ah, the power of these critters. And we humans think we are at the top of the food chain. What a delusion! No, Nature recognizes no food chains, only food cycles in which the lowliest microbes destroy self-exalted humans from within.

In 2012, The New York Times—for the first time to my knowledge—used the words “ecology” and “landscaping” in an article about bowel flora.

The Principles and Practice Of Integrative Medicine

I provide a large body of my personal clinical, pathological, and research observations, as well as my treatment protocols in my 12-volume textbook entitled The Principles and Practice Of Integrative Medicine. It is available both as print copies and e-book at -800-633-6226) and as e-books downloadable from www.majidali.com


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