Spinal Surgery Recovery

Majid Ali, M.D.

As the health and the strength of the muscles, so the health and the strength of the bones which the muscle move. This is the evolutionary design of the muscle-bone relationship. Of course, the health and the strength of the muscles depends on how much oxygen they take in and how efficiently that oxygen can burn acids and toxins in the muscles. This, simply stated, is my Oxygen Model of Muscle and Bone Health.

Individuals planning to have spinal surgery need to remember three other crucial elements:

* First, all the factors that make spinal surgery necessary chronically and persistently weaken the spinal muscles.
* Second, in most cases the factors that result in spinal surgery also compromise the nutritional and immune status of the individual. As a result, the bowel-related and environmental toxicities increase.
* Third, spinal surgical procedure further increases the negative effects of all elements mentioned above.
* Fourth, in my experience, in most cases the physiotherapy, as implemented currently, is wholly inadequate.

Dr. Ali’s Low-Slow Principle

Below I outline my integrative plan for optimal recovery from spinal surgery. It is based on decades of my personal clinical experience. Please read these guidelines twice before beginning the program.

As in my guidelines for individuals becoming their own primary physicians, please use “Dr. Ali’s Low-Slow Principle” which, simply stated, means do not implement the full program on day one. Rather, begin low with one or two items on the first day and then slowly add additional items while considering the tolerance to items used.


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