Insulin Thinking

Understanding Health, Pre-diabetes, and Diabetes

Majid Ali, M.D.

Why think insulin? Because without understanding insulin, one cannot understand health and the beginning of metabolic disease, such as diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, and memory loss.

How can insulin, just one hormone, do so many things? Because it serves as the minister of energy and metabolism to the Oxygen King of human biology. It plays central roles in breaking down sugars, proteins, and fats to release clean energy.

Insulin plays crucial healing immune and inflammatory processes in life.

If insulin is so precious, why does the title of this tutorial begin with the words “insulin troxicity”? Because insulin is a molecular Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde par excellence. Specifically:

* The Jekyll insulin promotes healing by stimulating healthful inflammation. The Hyde insulin promotes disease-causing pathological inflammation.

* The Jekyll insulin strengthens the immune system and prevents immune disorders. The Hyde insulin weakens the immune system and sets the stage for immune deficiency disorders, as well as the disorders of confused immune system called autoimmune disorders.

* The Jekyll insulin is de-fattening. The Hyde insulin is fattening.


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