Oxygen-In-Acids-Out Healing Series

Majid Ali, M.D.

Evolution’s design for health cells is simple: oxygen in and acids out. When oxygen cannot get into them, acids build up within them fast and clog them with grease. I coined the term dysox for that state. At the root of every disease is this derangement affecting various cell populations in different ways. This may be too simplistic to some to be really useful. It is my hope that a short study of all video segments will make my statement clear.

Two Goals

It have two goals in presenting this basic course on oxygen in the form of a video series entitled “Oxygen-In-Acids-Out Healing”: (1) to offer information in a simple way suitable for an eighth-grader; and (2) to do so in a way that professors of pathology and biology do not find errors concerning the scientific facts in my course.

Evolution’s plan for energy generation in human cells is simple: oxygen drives a cascade of enzymes (catalysts) in the cells to produce energy (ATP energy in scientific terms). Diseases develop when this simple plan is disturbed. When oxygen cannot get into the cells freely, acids accumulate rapidly and build grease on cell membranes. The layer of grease further blocks oxygen supply to the cells. This is how cellular injury begins. The “Oxygen-In-Acids-Out Healing” approach” corrects this fundamental block.

A Call for Support

I ask eighth-graders and professors of pathology and biology for their support (as well as people of ages in between). They can send me their comments on the weaknesses and strengths of my effort to acheive the above-stated goals by e-mail (aliacdemy7@gmail.com). This way they will enhance the value of this video encyclopedia for people of all backgrounds worldwide.


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