Memory Lapses Due to Anoxifog and Neuroxifog

Majid Ali, M.D.

I introduced the terms axonifog and neuroxifog are intended to focus on the role of axons (nerve fibers) and neurons (brain and nerve cells) in the occurrence of senior moments. Neurons communicate with each other substances called neurotransmitters produced in axons and neurons. These molecules only allow brain cells to converse with each other but also with cells of other types, especially muscle cells. They are produced in extremely small amounts and work at amazingly fast speeds, usually on a milli-second scale, sometimes on nanosecond (billionth of a second) scale.

As we grow old—or become toxic while young—little surprises interrupt exquisitely orchestrated neurotransmission, the conditions of energetic and molecular events that allow optimal neurotransmitter functions. The results is brief memory lapses, the so-called senior moments of the elderly.

Interrupted Neurotransmission Interferes With Brain Functions

In simplest words, brief memory lapses—senior moments of the elderly in common language—occur when the neurotransmission of remembering is hijacked by the neurotransmission of frustration and stress caused by not being able to remember.

How to Manage Anoxifog Moments

I have trained myself to divert my attention to something else if I cannot remember something within ten seconds. It allows my neurotransmitter orchestration to be restored. Nearly always the missing word or thought returns to me within a minute. I know I need not think of Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, or any form of memory disorder.


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