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Majid Ali, M.D.

During my 29 years of work as a hospital pathologist, I conservatively estimate that I assumed the responsibility for diagnosing over 90,000 cancers. As a chief pathologist, I also supervised the diagnosis of another 150,000 cancers. During this time, I also directed a large laboratory which serves most of these patients. Collaborating with my colleagues, Professors Alfred Fayemi and Evalynne Braun, I published about twenty peer-reviewed articles and five books for physicians.

During the last three decades, my colleagues and I at the Institute of Integrative Medicine in New York have participated in the clinical management of over 2,000 cases of cancer. That experience has been both encouraging and disconcerting. I was encouraged by good results obtained in significantly reducing toxicity of chemotherapy and radiotherapy regimens with the Oxygen Protocol in most patients. Yet, I often was unable to delineate the long-term efficacy of our integrative therapies in quantitative terms, and that was disconcerting. Most of those patients concurrently received therapies that jeopardized oxygen homeostasis—chemotherapy, radiotherapy and others—which countered the integrative oxystatic therapies that we prescribed. This created a moral and an ethical dilemma: How can anyone ask a person with cancer to discontinue conventional therapies unless one has a plan that is proven to be superior to those treatment plans? I addressed these and many other crucial issues in the following three books for general readership:

1. Ali M. The Crab, Oxygen and Cancer. Volume II: The Oxygen Protocol for Cancer. 2007. New York, Canary 21 Press.
2. Ali M. Oxygen, Darwin’s Drones, and Diabetes. Volume 1—Dr. Ali’s Plan for Reversing Diabetes. 2011. New York, Canary 21 Press.
3.. Ali M. Breast and Prostate cancer – Eco-monsters and Onco-monsters. 2006. New York, Canary 21 Press.

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A large number of written article are posted on http://www.majidali.com

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