Dr. Ali’s Castor/Rosemary Guidelines for Healthy Hair

                                                                      Majid Ali, M.D.


The Start-Low, Build-Slow Principle

I have not seen any negative effects of the guidelines given below. Still, I ask my patients to follow the golden Start-Low, Build-Slow Principle when considering natural measures to improve their health. So, I suggest that individuals who consider my guidelines do so in steps.

☞ Castor oil scalp application on Saturdays and Sundays
☞ Rosemary Extract scalp application on Monday to Thursday

Castor Application

☞ Gently warm castor oil in a tablespoon
☞ Apply mildly warmed oil to exposed scalp by parting the hair, at one spot after another. Avoid oiling the hair directly as much as possible.

Rosemary Extract Application

*   To prepare Rosemary Extract, boil three cups of water with half a cup of rosemary for five minutes.
*   Strain it and keep it in a spray bottle in refrigerator (for up to ten days)



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