Dr. Ali’ Video Encyclopedia of Natural Healing

Introduction and How-to-Use Guidelines

Majid Ali, M.D.
The Video Encyclopedia of Science, Health, and Healing (SHH) is a worldwide public health education service. It was organized to provide guidelines for enlightened and healthful living, natural healing from spiritual and cellular traumas. In founding and developing this video encyclopedia, I present information that is easy to understand, easy to access, untainted by corporate influences, and free for people of all ages and in all regions of the world. Specifically, it serves individuals interested in:

☞ Simple, short, and straightforward answers to health questions
☞ A program of personal guidelines for healthful aging
☞ An e-learning program in health sciences
☞ An e-learning program for disease prevention
☞ A program for learning how to be one’s own doctor for disease prevention and reversal of chronic disease
☞ A program of initial education for persons interested in careers in the healing arts

It is suggested that the individuals with any of the above objectives begin with the following two video segments of the encyclopedia:

☞ Introduction to SHH encyclopedia – Part 1
☞ Introduction to SHH encyclopedia – Part 2


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