Should I Take Albuterol for Asthma? Can I Stop Taking Albuterol?

Majid Ali, M.D.

Only one person can give authentic answers to the above questions: You. For any chronic condition, only you can be your primary physician. Asthma is not an exception. If you are willing and able to learn how to prevent asthma attacks and control wheezing with natural nondrug measures, you can answer both questions readily. Yes, you should take albuterol when your doctor first prescribes it. And yes you can learn to prevent asthma attacks and control wheezing with natural nondrug measures in order to stop taking albuterol.

Asthma is wheezing caused by bronchial irritability. In my experience, the primary cause of asthma in most cases is mold allergy and mold toxicity. Other factors are of secondary importance. Wheezing in asthma is caused by tightening of bronchial tubes. Albuterol ((brand names: Ventolin and Proventil) dilates them (lung airways) and so is used for treating asthma.
Does Albuterol Work Better than a Placebo?
If you take albuterol for asthma, you need to know the answer to the above question. In its July 14, 2011 issue, The New England Journal of Medicine published a large study that showed albuterol is no better than a placebo (sugar pill). Surprise! You shouldn’t be. This is old news for me and my patients.


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