Are You Running Low On Testosterone?

Majid Ali, M.D.

If you have recently gained weight, noticed a belly bulge, and felt a flabbiness of muscles, you are probably running low on testosterone. If you have also noticed a drop in libido, that is even more likely. What should you do? Get a blood testosterone level test done to validate your suspicion. If the test results show a level below 450, you are running low. (Blood testosterone levels are reported in nanogram/100 milliliters). A level of 600 would be good and one of over 750 ng/dL would be excellent.

What should you do next? Learn more about testosterone. Read my article entitled “The Low Testosterone Epidemic” on this site. Here is some information from that article that should stir your interest in the subject:

Examples of Low Testosterone Values

A father-son pair

12-old-son : Testosterone 437

43-old-father with diabetes Testosterone 322

A husband-wife pair

51-old-husband : Testosterone 200

48-old-wife Testosterone 306

What should you do next? Learn how to regenerate your “testo-producing cells” in the testes and adrenal glands. You may need supplementation with DHEA, keto-DHEA, or testosterone. For more information, please consider viewing my 3-DVD set video seminar entitled “Hormones.”


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