Infla-Oil© Protocols for Arthritis

What is the safest, low cost, and most effective therapy to relieve arthritis pain? Here is a hint: very few people who suffer from arthritis pain benefit from it. They do not benefit from them because they have not tried them. The answer: Topical oil rubs over and around the involved joints. The benefits of topical oil applications are markedly enhanced when their use is combined with anti-inflammatory spices and herbs, as well as gentle, low intensity, high-frequency stretching of the muscles that protect the joints. In this tutorial, I describe Dr. Ali’s Infla-Oil© Protocols for Arthritis. First a few comments about inflammation and arthritis.

What Is Inflammation?

Inflammation is the process by which the body protects itself against microbes, poisons, and other injurious substances. I emphasize that no healing is possible without inflammation and there is no chronic disease in which excessive inflammation does not play a crucial role in its cause and advancement. I have posted several articles on the nature and clinical significance of inflammation. For additional reading, I suggest:

☞ My tutorial entitled “What is Inflammation?’ (For beginners)
☞ My tutorial entitled “Oxygen Governs the Inflammatory Response
And Adjudicates Man-microbe Conflicts (for advanced and professional readers)

What Is Arthritis?

Arthritis is inflammation of joints—of the inner lining of joints called synovium, to be precise. The loss of cartilage and damage to bones occur as the consequence of inflammation. There are three main types of arthritis: (1) wear-and-tear (osteoarthritis); (2) Infectious arthritis (Lyme arthritis, for example); and (3) immune arthritis (such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, colitis-associated arthritis).

Here are two important points:

☞ If you wait for X-rays to show arthritis, it is quite late.
☞ If you see an orthopedic surgeon, it is probably too late.

Development of Infla-oils© Protocol for Arthritis

I formulated my three Infla-Oil Protocols for gentle topical application over the skin of inflamed tissues based on thirty-five years of research and clinical experience. In the 1980s, I prescribed castor oil packs with heating pads, as was the prevailing practice in China. My patients found them cumbersome (as I did myself with personal trials) and the compliance was poor. And so were the clinical results. I experimented with various versions of castor oil packs, for various time schedules, and with different types of heating pads. I tested the procedures myself, as well as with some well-informed patients. There were some improved results but I found the packages and the warming methods confining.

With passing years, I conducted numerous tests with gently warmed oils (castor oil, sesame oil, and others used in rotations), without warm packs and combining this with gentle exercise (which produces its own gentle, pleasant, and energizing warmth). Eventually, I experimented with oil blends to enhance the value of individual oils. The protocol described below was the culminations of all those clinical trials.

Infla-Oil Protocol A© is castor oil-based, Infla-Oil Protocol B© is sesame oil-based,
and Infla-Oil Protocol C© is grape seed oil-based. I have not encountered any adverse effects of these oil rubs when used in rotation. Still, I recommend that individuals using them should discuss the use of these protocols with their health practitioners until such time that they become their own competent primary physicians in the use of oil protocols.

I point out that my protocol for arthritis is also effective for relieving painful inflammation of tissues around joints that are referred to as tendonitis, bursitis, trigger points, and arthralgia.

My Guidelines For the Use of Infla-Oil© Protocols

☞ Gently apply one tablespoon of lightly warmed Infla-Oil Protocol A © on the skin overlying inflamed tissues or body organ (bowel, liver, knee joint, etc.) for two days.
☞ Gently apply one tablespoon of lightly warmed Infla-Oil Protocol B © on the skin on the same areas as Protocol A for one day.
r ☞ Do whatever you would do if you did not apply the Protocols, for two hours or more.
☞ After the first three days, increase the oil amount to two tablespoons or so.
☞ After initial evaluation, do the Infla-Oil Protocols for three or more days each week, depending upon the results.

I wear a seasonably desired “oil shirt” when going out after the oil application, for walking, a meal, to movies, or visiting family and friends. At home, of course, I do my work or common household chores with the oils on. Freedom from using cloth packs and warm pads is liberating.

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