Infla-Oil Rubs for Crohn’s Colitis and Ulcerative Colitis

Majid Ali, M.D.

Crohn’s colitis and ulcerative colitis are the two most common forms of inflammatory bowel disease. Both require robust anti-inflammatory remedies. I formulated the castor oil-based Infla-Oil Protocol A and the sesame oil-based Infla-Oil Protocol B as natural, safe, and effective anti-inflammatory therapies to be applied to the skin of the front and sides of the abdomen. I explain how these oils work in the companion article entitled “How Do Infla-Oils Work?” and offer additional information in other articles of my Infla-Oil Series.

Healing the Inflamed Bowel

I have discussed the causes of inflamed bowel—mold allergy, adverse food reactions, yeast overgrowth, gut fermentation, and stress are the most important causative factors—in my two-DVD set entitled “Bowel.” In these DVDs, I connect many dots between crucial clinical and laboratory facts about these forms of colitis. Needless to point out my sharpest focus is on natural remedies to heal the inflamed bowel.

How to Use Infla-Oils for Crohn’s Colitis and Ulcerative Colitis

As for the application of Infla-Oil Protocols (A and B) to the skin of the abdomen, I suggest that you read the procedure given below, then re-read it. Follow the directions closely for five applications. After that, please consider the following three useful suggestions:

☞ Please do simplify;
☞ Please do personalize; and
☞ Please, please, do not over-analyze.

Five Steps of Infla-Oil Rubs

1. Use Infla-Oil A and Infla-Oil B in three-to-one rotation (Protocol A on three
days followed by protocol B on one day);
2. Apply lightly warmed oil blends liberally to the front and sides of the abdomen, but not so much that it begins to run or dribble;
3. Wear a comfortable dark shirt/blouse (call it “oil shirt” and hang it separately
in a closet for repeated use).
4. Keep the oil on for four hours and do your normal physical activity (work, rest, relaxation, walking, shopping, exercise, etc.). If you wish to sleep with it on, that is fine. You will need to protect the mattress and pillows with suitable coverings.
5. Shower (or use a wash cloth) to remove oil with soap and water at the end of the period.

There is a less than one chance in two hundred that you might develop a mild skin irritation with one of the oil blends. The answer: do not use use that oil blend and instead use mustard, neem, or hemp oil.

To date, I have not encountered any compatibility problems between Infla-Oil Protocols and other drug or nondrug treatments for Crohn’s colitis, ulcerative colitis, and other forms of inflammatory bowel disease. Still, it is prudent for the users of Infla-Oil Protocols to discuss their use with their physicians.


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