Seven Stages of Insulin Toxicity

Majid Ali, M.D.

In matters of life span, I summarize the lessons learned from my patients with the following simple words:

Keep insulin low without drugs and live longer,
or keep blood sugar low with drugs and die young.

The pandemic of diabetes can be neither understood nor addressed with knowing the fundamentals of the molecular biology of insulin, a subject that is sadly and regularly neglected in the prevailing model of medicine. I wrote Insulin Toxicity Series to shed light on the various faces of this pandemic.

Research and my patients helped me recognize seven stages of insulin toxicity:

☞ The first stage of insulin toxicity is without apparent negative health effects recognized by the person.
☞ The second stage of insulin toxicity is with negative health effects recognized by the person but unknown to the doctor.
☞ The third stage of insulin toxicity is tissue injury (in the liver, kidneys, skin, and other organs) unrecognized by a doctor who is clueless about molecular biology of insulin.
☞ The fourth stage of insulin toxicity is prediabetes without tests to detect insulin waste and damages.
☞ The fifth stage of insulin toxicity is Type 2 diabetes with the use of diabetes drugs that add to the insulin activity, hence its toxicity, with the blessings of the American Diabetic Association).
☞ The sixth stage of insulin toxicity is toxicity created by peaks of insulin caused by insulin injections (the end-stage of insulin depletion which is called insulin-dependent diabetes).
☞ The seventh stage of insulin toxicity is loss of vision and blindness (diabetic retinopathy), dialysis (diabetic nephropathy), and increased risk of heart attacks, strokes, autoimmune diseases, inflammatory disorders, and all degenerative states.

I present evidence for all of the above in other articles in my Insulin Toxicity Series:

☞ The Crank and Crank-shaft Model of Insulin Toxicity
☞ The Evidence for the Grease and Detergent Model of Insulin Toxicity
☞ Seven Stages of Insulin Toxicity
☞ Insulin and Metabolic Frugality
☞ Saving the Unborn from Maternal Insulin Toxicity
☞ Insulin-Aging Connections
☞ The Insulin-Sugar Connections
☞ The Insulin-Lipid Connections
☞ The Insulin-Fat Cell Connections (The Intelligent Fat Cells)
☞ The Insulin-Protein Connections
☞ The Insulin-Gut Connections
☞ The Insulin-Liver Connections
☞ The Insulin-Heart Connections
☞ The Insulin-Obesity Connections
☞ The Insulin-Kidney Connections
☞ The Insulin-Brain Connections
☞ The Insulin-Ovary Connections
☞ The Insulin-Eye Connections
☞ Insulin Toxicity and Metformin Mindlessness

The take-home message of this article is: the use of diabetes drugs to lower blood sugar levels without non-drug plans to lower blood insulin levels is feeding the pandemic of insulin toxicity and diabetes. The American Diabetic Association and The New England Journal of Medicine teach doctors to use only drugs to lower blood sugar when what the people really need are programs to de-grease the cell membranes, free up insulin receptor proteins embedded in the membranes, and lower blood insulin levels.

The last article entitled “Insulin Toxicity and Metformin Mindlessness” reveals how many holistic doctors are succumbing to the lure of easy answers with drugs that do not address the real issues.


  • sidney rosenblum



  • As a type 1 diabetic needing insulin injections, which insulin do you think is the safest out there? I believe as you have stated that I have insulin toxcity. I’ve been on insulin for over thirty years now and probably have taken over 70,000 shots.


  • Dr……..Slam ale kum. l am very lmpresed from your knowledge.I am 65 years of age and had heart attack three years ago. l am diabetic and have high cholesterol and high blood pressure.any medicine including asprin affects my brain .I could fall on street,get nervous ,get muscle pains which made me unable to walk.year and a half ago when I stoped all the poision going into my body all my ailments were gone. Now l strictly control diet no meat at all. I eat lentils and vege.So called Dr.have no clue are they are fakas to let patient know about side effects.


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