Part I — No, Lupus cannot Be Reversed With Steroids and Chemotherapy
Recently I saw a 17-year-old girl who was hospitalized for sudden-onset chest pain, swollen legs, high blood pressure, inflamed joints, migraine, anemia, and fatigue. She was treated with large doses of steroids and a blood pressure medication. Ten days later, she left the hospital with the diagnosis of lupus and was scheduled to receive chemotherapy. Her doctors told her the cause of lupus is not known and that chemotherapy is essential for preventing kidney failure and dialysis.

I learned that she is a straight A student who has been highly stressed by her attempts to get accepted by Columbia or New York University. A detailed evaluation revealed the following: (1) history of asthma; (2) eczema; (3) cold, clamy hands; (4) blanched skin; and (5) high stress.

☛ Lupus is considered a serious immune disease. It is treated with high doses of steroids followed by chemotherapy. Such therapies do not reverse lupus.
☛ All immune dysfunctions begin as inflammatory disorders, which cannot be reversed with steroids and chemotherapy.
☛ All inflammations begin with excess acidity, incremental oxyradical activity, and thickening of bodily fluids. None of these derangements can be reversed with steroids and chemotherapy.
☛ The problems of acidity and oxyradicals develop when the oxygen-driven systems of the body are blocked and a state of dysox (dysfunctional oxygen metabolism) results. Dysox cannot be reversed with steroids and chemotherapy.

The proper treatment of lupus is to systematically detect and address all relevant issues of foods, environment, and stress that threaten oxygen-driven systems in the body.

Lupus is a serious illness that causes severe injury to joints, skin, muscles, kidneys, and heart. Unless reversed quickly, it causes joint deformity, kidney failure, heart valve damage, heart attacks, and strokes. It requires robust nutritional, environmental and detox remedies. Acute stress requires deep spiritual work.

For an inspiring case history of reversal of lupus with all natural remedies, see Part II of this article entitled “Lupus: Do You Really Need Chemotherapy for It? Part II — Reversal of Lupus With Nondrug Therapies

I explain the details of my guidelines for reversing lupus without chemotherapy in a two-hour DVD video seminar entitled “The Immune System.”

I refer professional readers to Darwin and Dysox Trilogy (2009), the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth volumes of my textbook entitled The Principles and Practice of Integrative Medicine for a detailed discussion of the above subjects, as well as for extended citations.

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