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One comment

  • Hello, I am an infusion RN in Texas. I had began to notice all my patients had a common bond. They were diagnosed with varying diagnosis such as POTS, Gullian B. , gastroparesis, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, etc, etc. but all had a common history of a severe viral infection belonging mainly to the herpes simplex family especially epstein barr. they all became sick during some type of stressful time in their lives. one pt had hx of diptheria and whooping cough. all of theses pt’s are just ill from a reactivation of this virus. i am now certain that the medical field is just going to let these pt’s die, if not assist in their getting there. I really need some advice as now 100% and i mean 100% of my patients are fitting this mold. md’s refuse to listen to me. any advice. thanks, concerned rn


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