Oil Rubs for Colicky Babies and Children

Majid Ali, M.D.

Parents, please, please learn how to use gentle belly oil rubs for your colicky babies and children. Such rubs (topical applications) are safe and effective ways to break the colic and comfort the babies and children in the loving laps of their parents. This gives them time to learn how to prevent future colics. After decades of clinical work, I formulated two oil blends that are especially effective for this purpose and designated them as Infla-Oil Protocol A and Infla-Oil Protocol B.

What Is Colic?

Colic in babies and children is a sudden abdominal pain caused by spasm of any part of the stomach, esophagus, and intestine. It is crucial to recognize colic as a recurrent problem. It is nearly always caused by irritation of the muscle layers of these organs by one of the following causes:

☞ Food and mold allergy
☞ Food intolerance
☞ Yeast (mold) overgrowth and yeast toxins
☞ Viral infections and parasitic infestations

In some cases, the above factors are related to the conditions in the womb before the baby is born. More often, colic is triggered by the use of antibiotics given to babies and/or excessive use of sugar and antibiotics by the nursing mothers.

Sudden onset abdominal pain can be the beginning of abdominal emergencies, such as acute appendicitis. So, the characteristic of recurrence is the hallmark of colic that I address here. Needless to point out, an experienced physician is needed to diagnose and manage emergencies such as acute appendicitis.

How Should Infla-Oil Protocols Be Used?

☞ Take the baby or the child in your loving lap (or on your belly, if in bed)
☞ Gently apply a tablespoon of lightly warmed Infla-Oil Protocol A to the front and sides of the abdomen, starting with the pit of the stomach (just below the rib cage) and lovingly massage the skin until the baby begins to smile or goes to sleep.

☞ Repeat the above procedure, if necessary, if the colic returns.
☞ After completing the gentle rub, the oil can stay on the skin for up to twelve hours. The baby/child should be dressed appropriately dressed for the room temperature.

☞ Rotate Infla-Oil Protocol A and Infla-Oil Protocol B on a daily basis.

Being the Baby’s Primary Physician

All causes of colic identified must be detected and addressed by doctors with careful clinical evaluation and appropriate laboratory tests. After this is done, one of the parents has to take responsibility for ongoing care and become the baby’s or child’s primary physician, and continue to consult doctors as a consultant. This may seem a tall call to some but I base my suggestion on my experience in caring for several hundred babies and children with colic.

I strongly urge readers to listen to my on-line radio program posted at http://www.kids123.org to learn what one mother did to save her three-year-old son from surgery and a feeding tube. When I asked her to name three therapies that I prescribed which helped her son most, without thinking she said, “Oil rubs and Nystatin, and, and… .” She had no ready answer for the third therapy.

Wikipedia on Colic and Bowel Ecology

Wikipedia articles are nearly always written by doctors who limit their work to the use of drugs. In general, they do not think ecologically and show little, if any, understanding of gut ecology. Similarly, the pediatric literature shows little focus on the causes of colic listed above. The following quote from the Wikipedia article on colic makes my point abundantly clear: “However, 85-90% of colicky babies have no evidence of GI abnormality.”

Infla-Oil Protocol A and Infla-Oil Protocol B

My Infla-Oil Protocol A is castor oil-based while Infla-Oil Protocol B is sesame-based. Both Protocols are available at http://www.18006336226.com or by calling 1-800-633-6226.

How Do Infla-Oil Protocol s Work?

Topical applications of oils—castor oil and sesame oils are among the most effective oxystatic therapies in my hands. They have potent anti-inflammatory effects. See the companion article entitled “How Does Castor Oil Work?” for detailed information. Also, please consider my other articles on topical oil therapies at http://www.castorclun.com. I offer several articles on the diverse aspects of bowel ecology on the following websites:

http://www.kids123.org to learn


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