Fibromyalgia is an oxygen problem. The so-called chronic Lyme disease is also an oxygen problem. Patients who are given these diagnostic labels shuttle between specialists. Most of them also receive other diagnostic labels in their sad journeys. They fumble and suffer, sometimes for years, before they find doctors who detect and treat all their oxygen-related issues, and guide them back to health, albeit very slowly in many cases. I choose the title of this article for those who have been labeled with both problems at different times in their struggle for healing. I hope this will offer them clarity about what the real issues are and how they should approach them. Specifically, I hope it will give them the strength to defy the tyranny of diagnostic labels.

Pain in muscles is th cries for oxygen of muscle cells. In chronic myalgia (muscle pain), what begins with oxygen deficiency is worsened by acid buildup and thickening of bodily fluids which, in turn, deepen oxygen deficiency. Acid buildup and accumulation of thickened fluids occur with greater frequency in some parts of the body called trigger points. When such changes last for more than three to six months, symptoms of fatigue and mentation difficulties often develop. Some doctors call it fibromyalgia. The incidence of the disorder is leapfrogging in the United States.

Lyme disease is an endemic problem in many parts of the United States. Most people get better without diagnosis or treatment—as they did before the early 1970s when the Lyme spirochaete was recognized. Such individuals show positive antibody tests indicating exposure to the microbe for decades. Below I summarize my experience with Lyme disease:, as well as that of other physicians at our center:

☞ All patients with Lyme disease responded well to four to eight week treatment with doxycyclin or Baxin integrated with robust non-drugbowel and liver detox therapies;
☞ None of our patients with Lyme disease developed the so-called chronic Lyme disease while under our care.
☞ I saw over 200 patients we had been treated for “chronic Lyme disease”for with multiple antibiotic therapies, including intravenous drugs, for more than nine months had not responded well to those treatments. Indeed, the longer they received antibiotics, the sicker they became.
☞ Patients diagnosed with “chronic Lyme disease”always showed high urinary organic acids, a clear evidence of oxygen dysfunction.
☞ Patients with “chronic Lyme disease”regained their health slowly and steadily when all relevant bowel, liver, thyroid, and adrenal issues were effectively addressed. Nearly all exceptions to this were those with long-standing anxiety and depression, as well as those with extremely difficult life circumstances.
☞ The matter of co-infections was important and required precise laboratory diagnosis and targeted therapies.
☞ Individuals who suffered from chronic anger, deep disappointments of life, and depression had to do deep spiritual work to free themselves from those problems, at least partially, so the healing could begin. I did not patients in this category who benefitted from therapy or analysis.


The so-called chronic Lyme disease is an autoimmune disorder, which may or may not started with Lyme disease. Among the patients I saw, most did not become chronically ill and disabled just by Lyme microbe. They had clear histories of undiagnosed and neglected problems of: (1) mold allergy and mold toxicosis; (2) sugar abuse and adverse food reactions: (3) antibiotic abuse for ear infections, sore throats, sinusitis, and acne; (4) toxicity of heavy metals and pollutants; (5) gut fermentation and leaky gut state; and (6) chronic stress and anger. Needless to point out, none of these issues had been addressed. Prolonged antibiotic therapy worsen the problems caused by all autoimmune disorders. The so-called chronic Lyme disease was not an exception..


Fibromyalgia (FM) is often considered a medical mystery. It need not be. I often hear all laboratory tests are negative in patients with FM. That’s not true. Most physicians are uneasy when confronted with persons suffering with FM. That need not be so. I sometimes hear FM is not treatable. Nothing is further from the truth.

Why are so many people confused about the cause of FM? Because it doesn’t fit into some neat model of a disease category. Why isn’t FM treated successfully by mainstream doctors? Because there are no effective drugs for it. Below, I offer a snapshot of fibromyalgia and suggest that readers consider my video seminar entitled “Fibromyalgia” for detailed information.


1. All symptoms of fibromyalgia are caused by cellular oxygen deprivation.
2. Oxygen deprivation is caused by dysfunctional oxygen metabolism.
3. Oxygen metabolism becomes abnormal due to excessive and cumulative oxidative stress caused
by sugar overload, antibiotic abuse, undiagnosed allergies, synthetic chemicals, and anger.

Dysfunctional oxygen metabolism is not merely lack of oxygen in the air we breathe, in the blood, or in the cells. This is a critical distinction. I coin this term for a much deeper problem of oxygen metabolism within the cells that involves failure of enzymes involved in oxygen metabolism. This also forms the core of my ODD theory of the fibromyalgia/fatigue complex (ODD stands for oxidative-dysoxygenative dysfunction).


Fibromyalgia is Real.
Fibromyalgia is Reversible.
Fibromyalgia cannot be Reversed with drugs.

That fibromyalgia is reversible is the second core point of this article. It is regrettable that many fibromyalgia “experts” emphatically state that it is irreversible. (Why would anyone become an expert in a disease that he can never effectively treat?) I strongly disagree with them.
I consider persons with fibromyalgia as human canaries whose oxygen enzymes are more easily injured than other people. They are more vulnerable to unrecognized allergies, sugar overload, excessive antibiotics, and anger, and have been poisoned by synthetic chemicals. Those human canaries are telling us something important about the shape of things to come. What injures their oxygen enzymes eventually will injure the oxygen enzymes of others, unless we find ways to protect the oxygen metabolism.


1. Persistent muscle pain and weakness.
Explanation: Oxygen deprivation causes muscle pain.
2. Disabling fatigue.
Explanation: Oxygen deprivation in tissue causes fatigue and exhaustion.
3. Brain fog (problems of mood, memory, and mentation).
Explanation: Oxygen deprivation in brain cells causes brain fog and dysfunction.
4. Air hunger.
Explanation: Oxygen deprivation within the cells causes air hunger.

The last item requires a special comment. Like other physicians, until some years ago I accepted the prevailing view that the body learns about the lack of oxygen through special oxygen sensors in the brain as well as in the walls of large blood vessels in the chest and neck. My fibro canaries have forced me to look deeper into this issue. The sense of air or oxygen hunger in fibromyalgia cannot be explained merely on the basis of those oxygen sensors. Oxygen levels in the large vessels in those locations are within the normal range in fibromyalgia. Thus, I had to look for some other mechanism. Now I believe oxygen hunger is caused by abnormal oxygen metabolism within the cells —though the evidence for my view at this point is indirect.


1. Symptoms of weakened immune systems, such as sore throats, swollen neck glands,
and painful tissues.
Explanation: Oxygen deprivation in immune cells causes immune weaknesses.
2. Abdominal bloating, cramps, episodes of diarrhea and constipation, and problems
of digestion and malabsorption.
Explanation: Oxygen deprivation in the bowel causes bloating, cramps, and malabsorption.
3. Cold sensitivity and poor circulation.
Explanation: Oxygen deprivation in skin causes cold sensitivity.
4. Sleep difficulties, restless leg syndrome, and legs.
Explanation: Oxygen deprivation interferes with functions of the sleep center and causes other
problems, such as restless leg syndrome.
5. Lightheadedness, dizziness, heart palpitations, and skipped beats.
Explanation: Oxygen deprivation in the heart and vessel walls causes lightheadedness, dizziness,
heart palpitations, and skipped beats.
6. Dry skin, dry eyes, dry mouth, and dry vaginal tissues.
Explanation: Oxygen deprivation in the cells of the skin, eyes, mouth and vagina muscles
causes cell shrinkage and dryness skin.
7. Vaginitis, bladder spasms, and bladder infections in women and prostatitis in men.
Explanation: Oxygen deprivation in genital tissues causes vaginitis, bladder spasms,
and bladder infections in women and prostatitis in men.
8. Joint and muscle stiffness and pain.
Explanation: Oxygen deprivation in joints and muscles causes stiffness and pain.
9. Lack of sex drive in both sexes and menstrual irregularities in women.
Explanation: Oxygen deprivation interferes with the enzyme functions of sexual organs and their hormones.

For additional information, please consider reviewing my video seminar entitled “Fibromyalgia.”


  • I watched fibromyalgia patients deteriorate for years until I became one of them… When I finally took matters into my own hands and treated myself with oxygen I finally got better. NONE of the doctors were able to help me. To this day they don’t help anyone…

    Needless to say I don’t have much faith in western medicine and doctors who are taught in pharma sponsered universities.

    There are many things that contribute to F & CF. The last thing I got rid of was OILS marketed as healthy but actually contribute to the destruction of the energy cell (mitochondria).

    The immune system struggles along heroically, sometimes for a long time before it finally succumbs.. When it does there is no way to trace it back to these toxins, certainly not to the horrible oils.

    I now use only fresh Hemp Oil shipped directly from Canada, organic cold pressed coconut oil, & butter. Read “Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill”. Udo Erasmus – JJ

  • I just stumbled across your Sept 8 2010 blog entitled Oxygen, Lyme Disease and Fibromyalgia. I contracted Lyme Disease 2.5 years ago and received a course of antibiotics within 2 weeks of initial infection. Though the antibiotics stopped the rash and disfiguring swelling of the joints on my hands, my body has felt drastically different ever since, from what truly seems to be from a cellular level. Formerly a super-energetic and active person, since the Lyme Disease, i have pronounced muscle & joint pain, fatigue, extreme skin dryness and texture change, dizziness, mental fog, pronounced memory issues, abdominal bloating, heart palpitations, cold sensitivity, poor circulation and increasingly, depression. I am interested in understanding more about your views on dysfunctional oxygen metabolism and what I can do to reverse this. Thank you for any help can offer.

  • My only problem with this article is the use of the term canaries. There doesn’t seem to be a reason for the term, and its use brings the meaning of the article down.

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